Muhammad Sajid M Sc, LL B, B Ed, Islamic Shariah Law (IIU Islamabad), CRM (NPO Pak) Advocate High Court & Federal Shariat Court and Educationist Legal Consultant for: -Children & Family Law Out of The Court Settlement of Differences Children & Family Law Out of the Court Settlement of Differences Demonstrated experience in outside counsel in litigation matters as well as in resolving many disputes of family matters by saving precious time of clients rather than involving them in useless and time wasting litigations. Divorce, separation, and custody cases are the way in which the vast majority of our society is involved with our Courts. My Initiative is dedicated to promote new ways to handle these issues that ensure better outcomes for children, less-adversarial approaches for parents, and greater accessibility, efficiency, and fairness for everyone involved. -Civil Law Public Interest Litigation for: -Writs & Human Rights -Tax, Custom, Corporate & Banking Law -Educational Institutions Laws

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High Court Bar, Islamabad High Court, Islamabad, PAKISTAN & Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi, PAKISTAN Contact: 0345 9301 606
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0345 9301 606


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